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Dr. Daniel Gusberti works as a family physician serving patients of all ages, genders and backgrounds in the Southampton, Ontario area. Gusberti is one of five physicians working with patients at The Saugeen Shores Family Health Organization. He specializes in family medicine, while, in addition, he is also developing skills in emergency medicine and hospital medical care. The former university soccer team goalkeeper has published medical research reviewed by his peers. Gusberti is also an author who has used his experience in family medicine to write about providing medical care to some of the most vulnerable patients during the pandemic. His community involvement includes joining an effort to help organize a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in 2021 that provided medical service to seniors who were among the most vulnerable to the deadly virus. Gusberti is married and originally from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Dr. Daniel Gusberti: Career

Dr. Daniel Gusberti serves patients in his community as a physician specializing in family medicine. As a physician who specializes in family medicine, Gusberti has developed his medical expertise as a primary care doctor who provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and for the family. As a physician specializing in family medicine, Gusberti:

Serves patients of all ages and genders, with an emphasis on families and general care.

Serves patients suffering from various diseases who need medical treatment.

Treats conditions relating to various parts of the body, with general medical care and guidance provided..

Gusberti obtained his license to practice medicine in 2016 after completing his medical studies and his residency requirement. He began his medical practice as a physician serving his community who focused on family medicine at the Saugeen Shores Medical Building in Southampton. During his career in medicine, Gusberti acquired expertise in family medicine, an area of specialized care that he took an interest in as a way to provide the most comprehensive medical care in a community setting.

As part of his professional development in his medical career, Gusberti has also developed skills in emergency medicine and hospitalist care. Developing these medical skills, in addition to continuing to expand and enhance his family medicine specialty, provides Gusbarti with extensive experience in health care services that will allow him to offer patients a broad range of care. From emergency care services that focus on the care of patients with illnesses or injuries requiring immediate, unscheduled medical attention to family medical care services that provide routine, scheduled preventative and continuity of care services to patients of all ages and genders, Gusberti's experience as a physician spans a wide range of medical services. He holds hospital privileges at Grey Bruce Health Services, Southampton Hospital. He also worked as an Emergency Room Physician at Saugeen Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Daniel Gusberti: Academic background

Dr. Daniel Gusberti's academic background includes completion of an undergraduate program, a medical school program and the additional training required to obtain his license as a physician, including:

Completing his medical school training in 2013 at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

Following his medical school training, Gusberti completed his residency training in Edmonton.

He obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of Alberta, where he also played for three years on the college soccer team.

Dr. Daniel Gusberti: Accomplishments

Dr. Daniel Gusberti's published medical research includes a case study of the diagnosis of intraosseous calcific tendinitis after a 66-year-old woman sought medical treatment in relation to her acute shoulder pain. His published research article explored how a correct diagnosis of an uncommon manifestation of tendinitis requires an understanding of how the appearance can change over time.

Gusberti also used his experience and background in family medicine to write several articles after the global pandemic surfaced in 2020 that focused on providing medical care during a pandemic. After the successful development of vaccines to combat the global pandemic became available in 2021, Gusberti joined a group of other medical and community leaders to organize a COVID-19 vaccination clinic. The community clinic began serving the most needy senior patients in Saugeen Shores, focusing on those 80 years old and older who were among the first offered the COVID-19 vaccines.

Prior to starting his medical career as a physician and family medicine doctor, Gusberti played soccer as a university student and as a member of the Canadian national soccer team.

Dr. Daniel Gusberti: Personal life

Born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Dr. Daniel Gusberti pursued his love for sports while in college at the University of Alberta as a member of the Golden Bears soccer team. He served as the team's goalkeeper from 2004 to 2006. While at the university, he served as a member of the national championship team in 2006. He also played as a member of the Canadian national soccer team.

Gusberti and his wife, Merideth, will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this year.


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